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Our firm understands that every client has a specific set of goals and objectives. Their willingness and capacity to accept investment risk, investment time horizons and overall estate planning needs shape our investment policy for each client.  Our team focuses on what matters to the client and constructs a customized plan to meet each client’s individual needs.


Johnston & Associates, Inc. offers sophisticated wealth management solutions. Individual research is at the core of our firm.  Whether we’re evaluating an individual investment, understanding a client’s goals for their wealth, or strategizing about a specific estate plan, we will thoroughly understand each situation. Our team works thoughtfully to get to the bottom of what’s truly important.  We strive to be our clients’ trusted advisor on all matters financial.  Client portfolios are constructed using a mix of securities to achieve a balanced and well-diversified approach.  Estate planning is also unique to each client, and JMJ Consulting, Inc. has 35+ years of experience which enables us to strategically build a customized plan for every client.  We coordinate with our clients’ other advisors to ensure a successful result.

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Our customized portfolio management meets the objectives of each client individually. We don’t adhere to a one-size-fits-all model portfolio at Johnston & Associates, Inc.  Each client’s unique goals, expectations and risk tolerance are balanced within the context of the overall long-term investment climate.  This approach takes more time to construct and manage, but our goal is to help each client meet their individual objectives, not just gather assets for our firm.  Our estate planning expertise has been refined over the past 35+ years of working with high-net-worth individuals and closely held business owners.  We excel at developing sophisticated estate plans to address tax efficient generational wealth transfer, business succession planning, and other complex goals of our clients.

Portfolio Management, portfolio consulting, and estate planning can be complex in their implementation and execution. Our experienced team is dedicated to making clients comfortable with their decisions.  We are always here to answer questions, discuss investments, or address your changing financial needs.

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Our approach does not end with a single plan or prescribed asset allocation.  We extend our relationships with our clients beyond the initial recommendations.  We maintain and monitor the client’s evolving situation, offering updates and adjustments where appropriate.  As unique as each client is when we first get to know them, we understand each client’s future needs are equally distinct and will require planning and coordination in the future.  It is vital to maintain an ongoing dialogue to facilitate the future planning or portfolio management process.  We will also extend that relationship and our services to a client’s family as the needs and goals of spouses, children, and grandchildren as well as their businesses evolve with that of the primary client.  We strive to be our clients’ most trusted advisor on all matters, even beyond the financial world.


Our portfolio management and estate planning groups work as a cohesive unit to maximize your financial growth.

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