Wealth management is a broad and ever encompassing endeavor.  We view our client’s entire financial situation when discussing and implementing a plan.  We focus not only on the portfolio management of each client, but also on their estate planning needs, other investment management relationships and other assets that impact their overall financial well-being.

Portfolio management, portfolio consulting, and estate planning can be complex in their implementation and execution.  Our experienced team is dedicated to making clients comfortable with their decisions.


Our portfolio management services begin by working closely with our clients to determine their unique goals, expectations and risk tolerance. This high level of service is the backbone of how we design customized portfolios and asset allocations for each client.

We utilize stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), alternative investments, master limited partnerships (MLPs), and options to create our clients’ portfolios. We use mutual funds to gain access to inefficient, complex markets using expert management. We use ETFs to provide diversification and liquidity while managing costs. We make individual security selections where we find value in the specific market and/or security mispricing.

We generally favor value investing with a strong leaning towards income. However, we can customize a portfolio to be as aggressive, conservative, or more income-oriented as necessary to meet our clients’ individual needs.

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We offer our clients portfolio consultation services which are unique and highly customized.  Many ultra-high-net-worth and high-net-worth individuals employ and work with multiple asset managers.  In general, we work with these types of clients to assist them in understanding what each of their outside managers are doing within the context of their entire investment portfolio and how each manager’s individual decisions and asset allocations are impacting the client’s investment strategy.  This service can be provided in conjunction with our in-house asset management services or not.

Additionally, we can assist clients who manage their own money – either separately, or in unison with our consultation services.  In these situations, we perform a number of roles including research, recommendations, due diligence, trading, and option & hedging strategies geared specifically toward the client’s individual needs and objectives.

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Johnston & Associates, Inc. was formed in 1990 with the goal of providing in-depth Wealth Management services to closely held business owners seeking a combination of comprehensive income and estate tax planning strategies that result in minimal legal intrusion from alienated parties and exemption from estate tax exposure for generations to come.  Accomplishing this goal then and now requires a detailed understanding of client objectives and values that generate a unique plan.  We excel at developing sophisticated estate plans to address the complex needs and goals of our clients, and coordinate with our clients’ other advisors to ensure a successful outcome.


Our portfolio management and estate planning groups work as a cohesive unit to maximize your financial growth.

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